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Buy Luggage Online | 3 Features To Look For In Hiking Backpacks

by Charlie Lopez

Buying any type of luggage for any activity can be daunting because of the myriad of styles, colours and sizes available in the market. Whether you choose to buy luggage online or from a store, you need to consider your specific needs before making any decisions. If you're in the market for a hiking backpack, here are some features to look for to help you hone in on a specific choice to fit your needs.

Padded Shoulder Harnesses With Back Cushioning

For a hiking enthusiast, a padded shoulder harness is important when carrying heavy loads. While simple shoulder straps may be sufficient for light packs, heavier loads require broader shoulder straps with added padding to stop the straps from chafing your shoulders. Thicker straps will also help to distribute the load more evenly across your shoulders and will stop your shoulders from pulling back, which is important when you're hiking for long distances. For better support during long distance walks, you'll also want to look for packs with super back cushioning for tough terrains. This will help to reduce the pressure on your back and spine as you carry heavy loads for hours. If you choose to buy luggage online for hiking, always make sure the product comes with padded shoulder straps and back cushioning for superior comfort.

Hip Belts 

A hip belt helps to move the strain and load of the backpack from the shoulders onto the hips to distribute weight evenly across your body. This makes the backpack load more bearable during long hours of hiking. Keep in mind that as the weight of the backpack increases, a hip belt will ease the burden on your shoulders, so look out for this smart feature when you decide to buy a backpack. Make sure the hip belt comes with broad and soft padding to prevent it from cutting painfully into your skin. Look for high-density foam inside the hip belt for better support, cushioning and durability.  

External Attachments Like Equipment Straps And Hydration Systems

When you hike for long hours at a time, you're going to need a backpack with proper equipment straps and hydration systems. Equipment straps for holding onto hiking poles, crampons and ice axes will ensure that your hands are free when you're climbing up steep slopes and don't want your poles to get in the way.  An in-built hydration system will hold your drinking pack easily, so you can continue your hike without stopping to get your water bottle or slowing down your hiking momentum.

Whether you choose to buy luggage online or visit a store, make sure you look for these features in your hiking backpack.