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Custom-Made Suits | 4 Golden Rules For Smartly Suited Up Shorter Men

by Charlie Lopez

When you're on the shorter side, it can be daunting to stand tall in a room full of men who tower over you. And while there isn't much you can do about your height, unless you invest in heeled shoes, there's certainly something you can do about the way you dress to work. Whether you choose readymade or custom-made suits, like from Adriano Carbone Master Tailor, here are some golden rules to help you suit up smartly when height is not your friend.

Stay Away From Double-Breasted Jackets

Double-breasted jackets tend to make the torso region look smaller and less elongated, which you probably don't want when you're already short. A single-breasted suit will elongate your torso to give you a leaner look. As with all readymade or custom-made suits, the fit is supremely important, so you'll want to pay close attention to the shoulder fit and jacket length. Keep the length on the shorter side to give you the impression of height –– longer jackets are closer to the ground and make you appear smaller than you are. Bespoke suits are ideal when you want to get the fit and length just right for your height.

Vertical Stripes Offer the Impression of Height

Vertical stripes in a pinstripe suit can visually lengthen your body frame to give you the impression of height, so you'll want at least one vertically striped suit in your wardrobe. Shorter men should always stick to small scale patterns, even when it comes to vertical stripes. If you're on the shorter side, keep the scale of the vertical stripes small to heighten your appearance. Broad and horizontal patterns should be strictly off-limits to you.

Make Sure You Choose Proportionate Accessories

Proportion is hugely vital when you're on the shorter side, so make sure your accessories like ties, belts and watches have a good balance with your body frame. For example, choose skinny ties and slim watches to go with your single-breasted jacket to ensure that your accessories don't overpower your appearance. In general, it's ideal to keep your accessories understated and slim for the best appearance.

Stick With Monochromatic Pants and Jackets

Shorter men don't necessarily need to wear matching pants and jackets, but they should ideally stick to monochromatic schemes from the same colour family to create elongated impact. The key is to remain in the same colour palette, so pair greys with greys and blacks with blacks, but they don't necessarily have to be the same exact material and shade. You can even choose a patterned jacket and solid pant, if they remain monochromatic in colour.

Whether you choose readymade or custom-made suits, be sure to follow these golden rules to stand tall in style.