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Three Considerations for Choosing a Rugby Jersey

by Charlie Lopez

In the past, rugby jerseys were primarily purchased by serious players for the field. However, this has changed, and most people wear the apparel as a fashion statement or as a symbol of support for a favourite team. If you are thinking about buying a rugby jersey, it is crucial to explore your options before making your order. Ideally, the rugby jersey should be durable, stylish and easy to maintain. Here are the main factors to consider when shopping for the best rugby jersey.


Rugby jerseys are designed with different types of collars, so you must consider this factor before buying your attire. Traditional jerseys are designed with a full collar, and these are primarily suitable for casual wear. Basically, the collar is similar to the one used in polo shirts, but it is significantly smaller. In addition, there are buttons at the front, which improve wearing flexibility and the appearance of the jersey.

If you want a rugby jersey for athletic applications, this is not an ideal choice. The design has a non-structured feel, and the collar can be easily grabbed during play. On the other hand, you can choose an athletic collar, which is similar to the t-shirt configuration. You can choose an athletic collar with a button or without. It is more suitable for athletic activity because it will be more moulded to your body, and it will give more room for breathing.


There are different types of fabrics in the modern market that can be utilised in making rugby jerseys. Your choice will depend on the practical suitability, costs and your preference. Cotton is the traditional choice because it is comfortable and durable. It is particularly ideal for you if you live in an area with lower temperatures.  Unfortunately, the fabric manages moisture poorly, so it is not a good choice for warmer climates. You can choose polyester and cotton blend or pure polyester fabric if the cotton is not suitable. This type of material will manage moisture better, and it is lighter than the cotton.


The style of the jersey will affect the general appeal of the apparel. Therefore, you will need to choose your preferred design and aesthetics before making an order. You can choose a striped or non-striped jersey; the former can represent your preferred team. You should also consider purchasing a completely customised jersey for unique aesthetics.

Additionally, you will need to consider other obvious aspects such as the sizing and costs that could affect the suitability of your potential rugby jersey.