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Feeling great in your samba costume

by Charlie Lopez

If you are looking for a samba costume for the first time it can be disconcerting to see how skimpy some of the costumes can be, especially if you aren't used to appearing in public in a very short skirt or with a bare midriff! Here are some tips to help you look at our best during your performance.

Dance tights

Thick dance tights are a dancer's secret weapon in smoothing out lumps and bumps and giving an even skin tone. This can be particularly useful if you have the dancer's typical range of bruises on your legs. If your bottom costume piece is skimpy, try and find some high-waisted tights that can be pulled up the bra line and pinned in place for the performance. While this might feel strange, it creates a smooth and flawless impression for photos and for audience members watching from metres away as well as providing an extra level of security against "wardrobe malfunctions".

Video taping

If your routine will be photographed, it can be useful to tape yourself performing at home and play the video back in slow motion. This will allow you to notice any unflattering transitions and work out how to ensure your posture and leg positions will look good in still shots as well as while in motion. A smart phone can be a remarkably useful tool to do this, as it can easily be angled appropriately to show the audience view of your routine.

Tailored costume

While you can easily purchase off-the-shelf samba costumes, a dance costume from a specialist dancewear store will be better quality and fit you better than an off-the-shelf item. Most dance stores also offer tailoring for performance costumes so your costume fit perfectly, doesn't dig in at different angles and most importantly stays on throughout! If you are planning on wearing dance tights underneath be sure to take your measurements whilst wearing the tights, as dance tights can smooth bumps and move some bulk from one section of the hips, thighs or groin to another. While this isn't a huge deal with normal costumes, in a skimpy samba costume it can be very noticeable.

Samba is a wonderful dance, full of vibrancy and joy. Be sure to watch footage of Brazilian street samba dancing before your performance to gain inspiration and confidence from the many body shapes and types of dancers that dance the samba.